Mobile application development is still immature

I’m coming to the conclusion that the mobile dev world isn’t very “professional” yet, as in testing support suffers, not that you can’t make any money. I can’t find any of the classic C# assertion librares that support .Net Core / UAP. Not Should 1.1.20, or Xunit.Should 1.1.0. Oh well time for a quick fork.


Congratulations to the team who worked so hard to get OpenLiveWriter completed. Thanks must go to Scott Hanselman for championing this for so long. See the announcement at

How Apple is giving design a bad name

Just read How Apple is giving design a bad name and found it thoroughly thought provoking. Maybe I have finally found that subject for a Masters after all.

Learning a new technology

Just finished writing my first piece of Java. I don't think I'll be making a habit of it....

Fork for VisualHG to support VS2015Preview submitted

This page really just a placeholder for the images Installing   Installed     VS2015 About     In VS 2015

Windows App certification kit 3.3 : This API is not supported for this application type - Oh yes it is

WACK : This API is not supported for this application type

MSDN : Windows Phone 8.1: This API is supported

Help! [More]

In support of Net Neutrality

I'm not american, but I'm concerned how Net Neutrality is goign to affect me. This site is hosted in the US, under a US domain, and I've not got the funds to get it prioritised. So if you are over there and unsure, then just for all the small sites with useful information that won't have the bandwidth in the future, vote to keep the Net Neutral, or you just won't find useful stuff anymore.

Using VS as a diff viewer

Do you like the new Visual Studio differnce views? I just discovered that you can use it from the command line like so /diff C:\path\file1.cs C:\otherPath\file1.cs So this means you can use it as your new favourite in Tortoise SVN, where you set it as, /diff %base %mine  Of course you might need to use the full path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\"  

I've got 99 problems...

I've got 99 problems but a Regex ain't one. Sorry, never found these hard. Although it just took be 5 goes to come up with [0-9]*

WPF: Re-creating VS2012 window glow

WPF is such a powerful technology that I’m reminded of the Perl mantra, there’s more than one way to do it. So rather than just giving you some code, this post is also about explaining why I’ve used several WPF techniques so that you can find some reuse for them too. [More]