Bad developers plagiarise, Good developers steal

I’ve been reading the conversation that Scott Hanselman kicked off about Good developers vs Google developers and I have to say that my own feelings are pretty much summed up by those of Rick Strahl.

Except for one point.

Like many of these issues there is no black and white, but there is a lot of grey. Rick et al., have pointed out the advantages of using a reference library, such as the meta-library provided to us by the internet, but my point is not only that its desirable, but actually necessary to be a good developer.
Without the reference to see many examples, how can one determine what makes code better or us?
Without somebody proposing good design, how do we identify bad?

In short how so we avoid being an isolationist set of teams, with many local maxims, instead of a cohesive profession where we can all benefit.

And with that though in mind I’m really glad I went to tonight’s LDNUG.