VS2017 – Oh so you zoomed in by accident…

One of the really nice things about VS2017 is the ctrl+. functionality. It takes away a lot of the need for ReSharper, so much so that I’m currently trying to see if I can live without R# on one of my installs.

However, if you are as fat fingered as I am then you’ve probably also found the ctrl-shift+. key combination and now you have a quandry.

Firstly, your screen just zoomed in and while you quite like it, you want it to go back. Ctrl-Shift-, isn’t bound to anything that would be too obvious. So you reach for the mouse and hit the drop down and all is well again, until you fat finger again.

Maybe if you search in ctrl-q you can find out what happened? Nope.

“Zoom” seems to give no results except for search NuGet (and I’m on a very flaky mobile connection here). Nor “enlarge”, “view” argh!!!

About this point I searched the Tools->Options->Keyboard settings until I uncovered that Ctrl-Shift+. is bound to View.Zoomin, and Ctrl-Shift+, isn’t bound to anything.

So here’s the choice.

Bind Ctrl-Shift+, to View.Zoomout, or unbind Ctrl-Shift+.

Personally, I quite like this keyboard zooming lark, and just need to found out if VS syncs this setting properly…